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Transactions of the 82nd North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference


Held March 5 to 10, 2017 in Spokane, Washington


Plenary Session. 82nd North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference

Welcome and Opening Remarks, Steve Williams

The Nature of Americans: A National Initiative to Understand and Connect Americans and Nature, Stephen R. Kellert, David J. Case, Daniel Escher, Jessica Mikels-Carrasco, and Phil T. Seng

Merging Conservation Values in the Quest for Relevance, Tovar Cerulli

Special Session One. Making Relevance a Reality

Welcome and Audience Survey, Ann Forstchen

Opening Remarks, Sara Parker Pauley

Conservation Relevance: What Does It Mean To Us and For Us?, Cynthia A. Jacobson and Daniel J. Decker

Moving Wildlife Conservation Forward: Let’s Get Real About Relevancy, Daniel J. Decker, Cynthia A. Jacobson, Ann B. Forstchen, and William F. Siemer

Connecting Nature and Society to Increase Conservation Relevance: A Case Study of the Monarch Butterfly in Urban Areas, Abigail Derby Lewis, Alexis Winter, Craig A. Czarnecki, and Mark Bouman

Renewing Ducks Unlimited Canada’s Brand: Finding the Supporter of Tomorrow While Engaging the Supporter of Today, Nigel Simms

Moving Towards Conservation Relevancy Together, Dave Chanda

Closing Comments, Nick Wiley

Special Session Two. Conservation in the Face of a Changing Energy Development Landscape

Opening Remarks, Davia Palmeri

Wyoming's Approach to Sage-Grouse Conservation - A Shotgun Wedding of Science and Policy, Thomas J. Christiansen

Using Science to Inform Management and Improve Biological Conservation in the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan, Todd C. Esque, Amy L. Fesnock, Brian Croft, Felicia C. Chen, and Amy G. Vandergast

The Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Wind Energy Voluntary Cooperation Agreement, John Taucher and Tracey Librandi Mumma

Special Session Three. Insights to Inform Marketing Efforts Within State Fish and Wildlife Agencies

Opening Remarks, Kristin Phillips

How Georgia DNR Increased License Revenue by over $1 Million Through Digital Marketing Thereby Accomplishing R3, Jenifer Hancock Wisniewski

The Art and Science of Successful Communications: Key Steps to Reaching New Audiences, Chelsea Maupin

Aligning Marketing with the Customer Experience, Greg Sallis

Closing Remarks, Stephanie Hussey

Special Session Four. Wildlife Successes in Optimum Funding Scenarios - Exxon Valdez and Deepwater Horizon Restoration

Overview, Tim Richardson, James L. Cummins, and Ross Melinchuk

Panel Introductions, James L. Cummins

Reaching the $1 Billion Consent Decree, Paul Schmidt

Habitat Protection as the Cornerstone of Exxon Valdez Restoration, Jim Kurth

Stakeholder Dynamics in Exxon Valdez Restoration, Tim Richardson

Panel Summary - Parallels and Differences in Exxon Valdez and Deepwater Horizon Restoration, Tim Richardson

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