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Transactions of the 42nd North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference


Held March 5 to 9, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia


Building Sound Conservation Programs

Opening Remarks, Daniel A. Poole

How Much Are We Willing to Pay?, Lynn A. Greenwalt

Needs for Conservation Practices, David G. Unger

Species vs. Ecosystem Management: Concepts and Practices, Frederic H. Wagner

New Dimensions in the Management of Coastal Fisheries and Wildlife, David H. Wallace

Evaluating and Maintaining Habitats for Fish and Wildlife

Loss of Missouri's Lowland Hardwood Ecosystem, Paul A. Korte and Leigh H. Frederickson

Harry S. Truman Dam and Reservoir-A Case History of Problems in Fish and Wildlife Coordination, Rollin D. Sparrowe

Contribution of Remote Sensing to Habitat Evaluation and Management in a Highly Altered Ecosystem, Mary Keith Garrett and Virginia Carter

Status of the National Wetlands Inventory, John H. Montanari and Joseph E. Townsend

Effects of Grass Carp Introduction on Waterfowl Habitat, Robert D. Gasaway and Thomas F. Drda

Management Strategy for Bald Eagles, John E. Mathisen, David J. Sorenson, L. D. Frenzel and Thomas C. Dunstan

Habitat Development Aspects of the Dredged Material Research Program, Hanley K. Smith

Socioeconomic Dimensions in Fish and Wildlife Management

Dynamics of the New Jersey Hunter Population, James E. Applegate

Characteristics of Nonconsumptive Wildlife Users in Idaho, James R. Fazio and Lawrence A. Belli

Congestion, Success and the Value of Colorado Deer Hunting Experiences, Ronald R. Miller, Anthony A. Prato and Robert A. Young

Predator Control: The Public Viewpoint, Louise M. Arthur, Russell L. Gum, Edwin H. Carpenter and William W. Shaw

Influence of Knowledge of Wildlife Management Principles on Behavior and Attitudes Toward Resource Issues, Robert B. Dahlgren, Alice Wywialowski, Thomas A. Bubolz and Vernon L. Wright

Changes in Responses From Identical Ohio Hunters Interviewed in 1960-61 and 1973-74, Tony J. Peterle

Human Concerns in Natural Resources Planning

Mitigating the Impacts to Wildlife from Socioeconomic Developments, Ann G. Rappaport, James G. Mitchell and Julius G. Nagy

Unfulfilled Mitigation Requirements of the Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act, Patrick A. Parenteau

A Method of Evaluating Impacts of Timber Harvests on Nontimber Forest Resources, Robert W. Sassaman and Robert M. Randall

Balancing Economic and Environmental Objectives, Ronald M. North, Walter P. Neely and Robert L. Carlton

State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plans as a Vehicle for Fish and Wildlife Planning, Richard Gross and A. Heaton Underhill

Characteristics of Individuals Involved in Different Types of Hunting, Vernon L. Wright, Thomas A. Bubolz, Alice Wywialowski and Robert B. Dahlgren

Colorado Deer Hunting Experiences, Perry J. Brown, Jacob E. Hautaluoma and S. Morton McPhail

Influence of Hunter Attitudes and Characteristics on Wildlife Management, Alphonse H. Gilbert

Managing Fish and Wildlife on Private Lands

Wildlife Habitat-The "Price-less" Resource Base, John S. Gottschalk

National Evaluation of the Water Bank Program, Jasper Womach

Public Access Hunting: A 1974 Pilot Study Evaluation, Tommy L. Brown and Chad P. Dawson

Soil Conservation Service Assistance in Managing Wildlife on Private Lands in Texas, James Henson, Frank Sprague and Gary Valentine

Goals and Procedures of Wildlife Management on a Large Western Ranch, Gary J. Wolfe

The Maintenance of an Urban Deer Herd in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Merlin W. Shoesmith and W. H. Koonz

Managing Nongame Wildlife on Private Lands, John M. Anderson

Resource Management Information for Decision Makers and Users

Cooperative Extension Service Aids Wildlife Management, De/win E. Benson

Portrait of One Extension Wildlife Specialist, Thomas M. Stockdale

NOAA's Sea Grant Program and Resource Users, Kenneth J. Roberts and Robert J. Shephard

Ten Years of Education on Lake Management, Lowell L. Klessig

A Public Education Program of Predator Damage Control, F. Robert Henderson and Edward K. Boggess

The $6-million Eel, or From Bait to Delicacy in Four Years, Karen M. Jurgensen and Gene Crow

The Role of the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service in the Development of the Louisiana Crawfish Industry, James F. Fowler and Larry W. de la Bretonne, Jr.

Information Delivery for Water Quality Management, Victor P. Osterli

Imperatives for Action, Gustav A. Swanson

A National Approach to Fish and Wildlife Extension Education, Jack H. Berryman

Environmental Contaminants: Wildlife, Fish and Public Health

Toxicological Aspects of Toxaphene in Fish: A Summary, Foster L. Mayer and Paul M. Mehrle

Effects of Petroleum on Birds, Robert C. Szaro

Environmental Contaminants in Relation to Canadian Wildlife, I. M. Price

Birds of Prey, DDT, and Tussock Moths in Pacific Northwest, Charles J. Henny

Relationships Between Insect Control and Human Health, Maurice W. Provost

Forest and Wildlife Management

Enhancing Forest Wildlife Habitat Through Diversity, Karl Siderits and Robert E. Radtke

Featured Species Planning for Wildlife on Southern National Forests, Norman E. Gould

Songbird Management in a Northern Hardwood Forest, William L. Webb

Forest Manipulation for Ruffed Grouse, Gordon W. Gullion

Managing an Elk Herd in the Face of Changing Land Use and Recreational Values, David H. Jenkins

Wildlife Management on Southern Industrial Forest Lands, James L. Buckner

Recreationist Education and Training Programs

The Effects of Campgrounds on Small Mammals in Canyonlands and Arches National Parks, Utah, Gregory A. Clevenger and Gar W. Workman

Hunter Success and Education Needs, David L. Groves, Stephen S. Light and Charles T. Cushwa

Hunter Qualification and Education Programs in Finland, Matti Helminen

Hunter and Hiker Education Programs in Canada: Recent British Columbian Innovations, Brian P. White

Hunter Education Programs in the United States, Maxwell E. Rich

The Hunter and Firearm Safety Training Program in Florida, James W. Carter and Donna P. O'Toole

Closing Remarks, Laurence R. Jahn

Published annually since 1915, the Transactions of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference provide a unique and informative record of the direction and momentum of professional natural resource management. Tracking current research and management emphases and the perspectives and approaches to meeting the challenges to sustaining and conserving North America's wildlife and their habitats, the Transactions is a valuable reference for all who deal with the complexities and intricacies of natural resource issues, policies and programs.

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