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Prairie Ghost: Pronghorn and Human Interaction in Early America (softcover)

Prairie Ghost: Pronghorn and Human Interaction in Early America (softcover)


The new, soft cover edition of this book provides prehistoric and historic insight about the relationship of North America's unique pronghorn to Native Americans and Eurasian visitors and settlers. The book boasts nearly 200 photos and illustrations, plus a 16-page color unit of artwork of pronghorn by American masters.

"Despite the thoroughness of their research, which is based on a bibliography of over seven hundred sources, and the sheer quantity of detailed information they present, Prairie Ghost remains a lively read to the end." Environmental History

"Thorough and well-written, this work intertwines the importance of pronghorn in the cultures of prehistoric and historic Native Americans and, more recently, Europeans... the book is lavishly illustrated with sketches and photographs of pronghorns in ancient pictographs and real life." Choice Magazine

"I recommend this book especially for the richnes of its documentary voice... This is an intensely firsthand tale, and the authors are generous in letting the witnesses to several centuries of pronghorn history speak for themselves... You will find Prairie Ghost an incomparable overview of the changing fates of this important and beautiful animal." Paul Schullery in Montana: The Magazine of Western History

by Richard E. McCabe, Bart W. O'Gara and Henry M. Reeves
illustrated by Daniel P. Metz
2004, 191 pages

honored with The Wildlife Society's Best Book Award for 2005

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