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North American Elk: Ecology and Management

illustrated by DANIEL P. METZ

2002, 962 pages
honored with The Wildlife Society's Editorship Book Award for 2003

The 1982 version of this book was praised as, "surely the finest book ever written about a single species," and this new edition, with 85 percent new material, is certainly a worthy successor. Thirty-eight contributors from the United States and Canada combine an extraordinary amount of research data, management experience and professional insight into this enormous book.

The book contains the most up-to-date information on elk behavior, physiology, migration, taxonomy and management. Full chapters are devoted to distribution, nutrition and food, diseases and parasites, ecosystem management, hunting, the regulation of hunting, the historical relationship between Native Americans and elk, and much more. The editors conclude with a thorough discussion of the future of elk and their management.

Two appendices provide common and scientific names of plants and animals cited, and the book is illustrated throughout with drawings, tables, over 550 black and white photographs, and a 16-page section of color photographs. The books original artwork has been provided, again, by Daniel P. Metz.

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