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Transactions of the 84th North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference


Held March 4 to 8, 2019 in Denver, Colorado


Plenary Session. 84th North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference

Welcome to Colorado, Jeff Ver Steeg

Opening Address, Steve Williams

The Road to Relevance, Tony Wasley

Federal/State Relations, David Bernhardt

Special Session One. America’s Shifting Wildlife Values Are Affecting the Trajectory of Wildlife Management in the U.S.

Opening Remarks, Michael J. Manfredo and Tara L. Teel

Data Sources and Methods for the America's Wildlife Values Study, Andrew W. Don Carlos, Michael J. Manfredo, and Tara L. Teel

What Is the Current Composition of Wildlife Values in the United States and Why Are These Values Important to Management?, Tara L. Teel, Michael J. Manfredo, and Andrew W. Don Carlos

Symmetry of Change: Are Agencies and the Public Co-Evolving?, Leeann Sullivan, Michael J. Manfredo, and Tara L. Teel

Special Session Two. Wildlife Management in Canada: Uniqueness and Alignment of Indigenous Rights, Policy, and Funding

Opportunities for Enhanced Collaboration Between Wildlife Agencies in the United States and Canada, Ronald J. Regan

Special Session Three. Landscape Connectivity and Wildlife Corridors: Linking Science, Practice, and Policy

Opening Remarks—Making the Right Connections, John Kanter

No Species Left Behind: Using Science to Conserve Wildlife Corridors, Paul Beier

No Way to Run, No Way to Fly: Considerations for Connecting Amphibian and Reptile Populations, Priya Nanjappa, Kimberly Andrews, Amanda Kissel, Miranda Gray, and Brett Dickson

Mapping and Managing Movement and Migration, James R. Heffelfinger and Matthew Skroch

Department of the Interior Secretarial Order 3362: Improving Habitat Quality in Western Big Game Winter Range and Migration Corridors, Casey L. Stemler

Grouse Movements and Migrations, Terry Z. Riley

Special Session Four. Broadening the Tent: Valuing Wildlife Conservation

Strengthening the Future of Fish and Wildlife Management in Colorado: Keeping the Public in the Public Trust Doctrine, Madeleine West

Colorado Parks & Wildlife Future Funding Study, Robyn Paulekas

Reflections on CPW Future Funding Study, John Howard

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