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Feeding Wildlife. . . Just Say NO!


An Explanation of Why Feeding Deer, Elk, Wild Turkey and Other Big Game Is More Often Curse Than Favor
To counter public confusion and misunderstandings about wildlife management agency practices and policies of supplementally feeding big game, the Wildlife Management Institute has produced an informative and entertaining booklet on the subject. In straightforward language and with the use of illustrations, it carefully explains why such feeding programs are invariably costly and rarely beneficial to wildlife in the short or long run.
This 34-page booklet was crafted for use by agencies, organizations and businesses, and for distribution to adults and youngsters alike who care about wildlife but don't necessarily know why wildlife shouldn't be fed, particularly during winter and other times of stress. It was designed to clarify why wildlife managers make decisions regarding feeding big game that may seem to be harmful, but actually are in the animals' best interest. If citizens are to trust and support wildlife management agencies, they need to know that the actions of those agencies are based on science and professional experience.
This booklet was supported in part by a Wildlife for Tomorrow grant, from Wildlife Forever of Minnetonka, Minnesota.

By Scot Williamson
Illustrated by Dale Crawford

2000, 34 pages
Honored with The Wildlife Society's Education Award for 2003

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